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Brand Consulting

Coffee and Scissors

Many business owners or entrepreneurs want to look the part and feel the part but may not be large enough for standard minimums. Part of our process ist o create digital proofs  that allow customers to start the juices flowing. We have developed options that allow small runs of branded merch. Sometimes just seeing your brand on a piece of apparel or merchandise can give you the inspiration to start your next phase of your marketing objectives. 


Your brand is one of your strongest business assets that set you apart from your competition but how do your clients know what makes you different. Aligning your internal culture will strengthen your brand from the inside out and allows a company to create a consistent vision of the who they are and what they do.


When people see your brand, you want them to know it. Capturing the right look and feel of the apparel your business uses is a crucial element to aligning with the culture of your business or group. Is American Made important to your brand story? Is it for an event or a part of a uniform? We are here to help work with you to find options that make you stand out and promote the culture you are looking for.

Creative Mess

From custom artwork, refining a design or creating layouts, we are able to help. Part of our promise is to be a source for the small businesses or group that just do not have the skills within their organization to get your graphics where they need to be. 

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